What is a Parked Domain? – Everything You Need to Know

Do you purchase a domain name by impulse and realize later that you still do not know what to do with it? You do not even know what type of content you are going to use. Well, since you already got the domain name, why not save it for later. And do you know what they call a domain name that is not going to go live and will be stored for later used? That domain is called a parked domain.

Parked Domain

What is a parked domain?

Parked domains are domain names that are not associated with any services such as email and website. There are uses for a parked domain such as for business or for subdomains. But basically, it is a domain name that is not going to be live any time soon. It will serve as a support for the main website or a use as a full website for later.

Reasons for a parked domain name

  1. Buying domains for later.

Buying domain names and saving them for later is a wise decision. This is to make sure that the domain names will not go to other people. And when you finally get a new web hosting, you can easily connect them and put content in them.

  1. No time to start the website yet.

You just want to secure the domain name but you still have no time to set it up. So you bought the domain name and plan to get the hosting for later. Also, if you still have not decided which web hosting to use for all your websites.

  1. For Investment

In case you do not want to do anything but want to generate extra income, you will buy quality name domains and collect them for sale. All you will have to do is advertise them on one of your active websites and sell the parked domains for a price.

  1. Unwanted domain names

If you do not want the website anymore and you just want it to expire, you can also park your domain. This is common for owners who have many websites and want to let go of the other ones that do not generate anything for quite a long time.

Some advice

There are web hosting registrars that offer free parking for domains such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Dotster. They let you park your domains for no extra costs.

There are also options to park domains in some online services. But they will get a portion of what your parked domains will earn. While this sounds like a good option, but there are instances where some people associate your domain with their ad-heavy pages. And that might ruin your page and your reputation as well.

What should you do is if you already have a hosting and you just plan to put away your parked domains, why not benefit from it? Just put some contents on that domain name and apply it for an Adsense. This way, you will still have revenues from the site. And minus the risk of having your online reputation tarnished by some people that just want to make a profit out of your domain name.

Do you have some questions regarding parked domains? Perhaps some questions on how to create a website? If you do, feel free to leave your ideas and queries in the comment section. We appreciate all your feedbacks.

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