7 Best Free Domain Registration Without Hosting

For people who want to have their very own website but do not want to spend a dime on domain names, there are some things you should know. It’s not a bad thing to want something for free. And the internet has many free things that are being offered. That includes free domain names. And since you came here to find out about free domain registration without hosting, we will give you that. And of course, we will include the catch as to why it is free.

Free Domain Name

Free Domain Registration without Hosting

To start off, here are the free domain registrars where you can avail domain names even without hosting. Bookmark them so you could check them out one by one on your free time.

  1. Basic Free Domain
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. Webself
  6. Yola
  7. BlueHost

Those are the six of the most popular sites that offer free domain names. They all offer a different approach to the word free. So you should check them out so you would understand them better.

Are they worth it?

Now, this is the question that really matters. While they are offering free domain registration, they have some conditions that have to be considered.

The Basic Free Domain is giving out real free domain name but they are domain names that have a bit different suffixes. These domains have .co.nr suffixes so they are a bit unprofessional looking. But if you are okay with these suffixes then it is not an issue after all. You will get the domain name from them free of charge. All you will need is a hosting site to park your new domain name. Here’s an article about parked domain names.

The Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Webself, and Yola all offer free subdomain names. That means after your preferred domain name, it will have a suffix name that bears their name as well. It will look like www.yourname.wordpress.com or www.yourcompany.weebly.com.

These services are free but with limited features. Plus, they are harder to remember if you already chose a very long domain name in the first place. And if you are planning to run an online business with these types of domain names, it might not be as inviting as you can expect. But hey, free is still free. You just have to make do with what you can get.

The BlueHost offers a different approach. They give you a free domain name but you will have to use and pay for their hosting service. But the good thing is that if you are not satisfied with their hosting services, you can transfer the free domain name that they gave you free of charge.

There are other free domain registrars that offer free domain registration but they have a kickback on your traffic. There are also some of them that place ads on your website and get all the profit from it. The sad part is that if your website is getting a million views every day, all those profits should have been enough to buy you hundreds of domain names and even a hosting subscription of a few years.

In Conclusion

A free domain registration is not a bad idea. It just does not fit into a long-term plan especially if you want to monetize it. It will take some really good marketing strategies and irresistible content for it to work out for you.

My advice to you, if you can spare a dollar or two, that would be much better. Purchase a domain name that will cost you a dollar. There are still a lot of available names out there. If you just make an effort. You can check them out without paying a fee. The payment comes when you decide to make it your own. As a matter of fact, the BestDomains.online offers a lot of those affordable domain names.

Then look for cheap or low-priced hosting sites. But if you are looking for a bigger picture for your website, I would suggest that you choose a web hosting that can help and deliver you that milestone.

If you have other concerns or questions that you want us to answer, feel free to message us in the comment section. We will try to respond to all of them as soon as we can. And don’t forget to share this article if this has helped you. This way, you can also help other people to make a wise decision when building their own website.

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