What Was The First Ever Registered Domain Name?

It’s been more than three decades since the first ever registered domain name. And since then, there have been more than 300 million domain names and still counting by the second. With the improvement of internet speed, comes with it the interest and eagerness of more people to use it as their platform. The internet is now more than just a cloud of information. It has become the outlet for creativity and also profit. Anyone can purchase a domain name now with so much ease.

First Registered Domain

So in this article, we will tell you a brief history of the internet. And in this topic, the very first domain name ever created that started it all. I’m sure and it is highly possible that you do not know this domain name because it has not been very prominent in the past decades. As a matter of fact, the company that currently owns this domain name seems a bit too shy about its nature of business. So you can imagine why this first ever registered domain name does not easily get on most people’s radar.

First Ever Registered Domain Name

Now about the first ever registered domain, did you know that the first ever registered domain name was Symbolics.com? Yes, it is still live and not a parked domain. The domain name existed under the now-defunct Symbolics Computer Corporation.  And after around 25 years, XF.com Investment bought the domain name for an undisclosed amount.

The Symbolics.com domain name was registered on the 15th of March 1985. So that is around 33 years ago. And since then, the world has never been the same.

First ever registered domain name

The Symbolics domain name was actually not the first domain name. It was the Nordu.net. Created in January of the same year but the company decided not to register it. they thought that the domain name should solely to serve as an identifier of the first root server, the nic.nordu.net. The Symbolics.com, on the other hand, was registered through an appropriate DNS process.

The Symbolics, Inc was a computer manufacturer located in Massachusetts. They specialized in LISP machines. They are single-user machines that run LISP programming language. As a matter of fact, those LISP machines were the first workstation ever created commercially. They are similar to today’s general purpose computers.

Unfortunately, as promising as they were back in the days, the company started its dove to bankruptcy and oblivion later that decade. Unable to keep up with other manufacturing companies such as Microsoft and IBM, they were literally and eventually left behind.

Despite the historical value of Symbolics.com, it does not belong to the top 100 most expensive domain names. Currently, it only functions as a trunk of information about the history of the internet. Its homepage shows the real-time list of domain name registrations.

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