CloudWays Hosting Review: Is It Worth The Money & Hype?

Having a website is a way to showcase creativity and earn some money if you want to monetize it. It is like a treasure trove that is ready to be filled with cash and gems once you found out your calling and succeed with it. But websites need hosting services to exist. And there is one hosting site that is making a noise and is now so-called the “rockstar” of hosting services. So here is the CloudWays Hosting review and let’s see if it is really worth the money and hype.

CloudWays Hosting

CloudWays Hosting Features

Before we head straight to the experience and other factors that make us see how and what is CloudWays as a hosting service, we will first list some of its features. These features are all that the hosting service is boasting.

And yes, when you brag about it, you should be able to deliver it. And we expect nothing less before taking the free trial that they are offering. So here is the list.

  • SSD (Solid State Drive) powered hosting means that they are using the latest and state of the art storage drive available today. Delivering 3x faster performance that gives pages reduced loading times.
  • The built-in advanced caches are made ready and available within the service that you avail which makes all responses quick and lag-free
  • Dedicated environment means you get your very own IP address which is way better than other hosting services that offers a shared environment.
  • PHP 7 ready servers that are much faster compared to its predecessors. This is best for web developers as this requires fewer resources while being more powerful in performance as well.
  • Free Magento full page cache offers dynamic, responsive, and smooth interactive platform for your website.
  • Top of the line security features and services to make sure that your website remains intact even despite the attacks.
  • 24/7 customer service support that responses real-time when you want them. Just send a message and expect a reply within moments.
  • Regular security updates mean you can rest assured that everything will stay as it was when you last left them.

PROS – Things CloudWays Does the Best

my cloudways billing
I started using CW in Feb 2016 (sorry for wrong data in the image)

The best part with CloudWays is that they have the greatest customer support that really knows what they are doing. Ask anything about any issues regarding their services and you will get a direct answer and solution.

They are perfect and when placed in a comparison, the CloudWays customer service support is right in the No. 1 spot according to our experience. In 10 of 10 cases, I have got a solution, to this date, I never had any complaint about them except the fact that someone I have to wait 1 minute to get connected.

The CloudWays offer various and flexible plans that will suit most if not all of the online entities that seek their services. They give you options that do not leave you hanging or unsatisfied. And if there are some issues such as how to set up your site or retrieve a parked domain, they make it a point to fix the problem as quick as possible.

They have an excellent uptime track record. As far as we have experienced, the CloudWays has never gone down on us even once. Just when we were trying to look for a loophole or a downside with their services, they just impress us with their varied services. (I closely monitor my sites uptime with UptimeRobot Paid Plan).

When it comes to tools and security, you will get the best library of tools available to date. And each one of them is comparable to premium versions. And the cloud-based service is not a small thing, to begin with. It really is quick with the loading times. That means you lose fewer audiences because they do not have to wait long enough to lose interest.

CloudWays has an optimized managed hosting environment, that means you will get a super fast site if it’s hosted with cloudways. Also, they offer free SSL and Backup service, Now that’s what I call a service.

Building a website in CloudWays Hosting is also such a breeze. Yes, they do not have the widest list of hosting elements available. But at least you have plenty of time to make one with their 14-days free trial. And if you know a site that offers free domain registration, use it as well. You can access all their tools without even spending a dime for the whole trial period. And what they have is surely enough for most users and developers.

And did we mention that there is a one-click option to clone your apps and servers? There is also a staging area where you can test new website elements before you can use them to go live.

CONS – Things Which Are Not Good About CloudWays

You are probably looking for some cheap on this hosting service’s armor. Well, there are some worth noting. To begin, the CloudWays hosting services offer great services but at a cost. It is not cheap and it certainly is not for startups with a low budget in their pockets. Although, if you are a business entity, what they offer is really bang-for-buck. And that is only as good as when you can afford it.

Update: They reduced their pricing, Now you can have a super powerful hosting for $10 a month (previously $17/month). From personal experience, I know this plan will be enough for all.

It is also worth mentioning that the interface and the process to transfer your existing domain are not user-friendly for beginners. If this is your first time and you have no prior experience with this kind of task, you better leave the preparation on their customer service personnel.

Update: This is by far the easiest and most user-friendly hosting I have ever tried, and I own a lot (LOT!) of websites. I have tried pretty much every major hosting company in my life. Anyhow, I will recommend you to just watch the video, to know how easy it is to start your WordPress site on CloudWays.

Sign Up on CloudWays – Start for Free

And then the lack of domain registration is really something they should be considering. The fact that you still have to go to other sites such as GoDaddy to get a domain name and get back to them to set it up is a hassle. Some of those users might not be able to come back since GoDaddy and similar platform offers hosting services as well.

Update: Now this is a little problem, but think do you want to use GoDaddy’s shitty hosting for “$24.99/mo” where you can host only 5 sites, or super powerful dedicated “$10/mo” CloudWays hosting where you can host any number of websites. If you are getting hundreds of pageviews per day then I’m sure you can host a double-digit number of websites on CloudWays very easily (comment below to know more).

What I will recommend you to do is – Buy domain from either NameCheap or NameSilo (you will save money and their service is really good) and host those on CloudWays.

In Conclusion

Is it worth the money and hype? In a businessman and tradesman’s point of view, yes it is worth every penny. If we consider the security and the customer service quality that any of us customers are getting, we can consider it as an affordable trade. Such luxury has always been only available with premium and high-end platforms. And with their pricing, you won’t be complaining anything from what you are getting from them.

But if you are just a blogger or just a startup entrepreneur that is still uncertain of the direction of the field that you are taking, this is not for you. If this is your first ever registered domain name hosting service, you should weigh your options carefully. Check all the available options and compare the things they offer for what price and you will understand why I use CloudWays for all of my sites. (I did the same 2 years ago 🙂 )

If you have questions about CloudWays, feel free to leave it in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can share this article with those other users that are considering CloudWays Hosting as their hosting service or anyone who wants to start their own awesome website.

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