I Have A Domain, What Now? – Here’s What’s Next

For beginners and newbies that suddenly got their interest in building a website, here are the things that you should know. Whoever told you that purchasing a domain name is all it takes to build a website is wrong. That person is either fooling around or an outright ignorant. To buy a domain name is only the beginning of a long series of process. So you have a domain, what now?

I have a Domain

Building your own website starts with registering your very first domain name. But then again, you have to ask yourself first, why do you need a website? What is it for? You have to understand that building and maintaining a website costs money. And if you do not have content to put on that website, you will need to hire someone to do that. And that again costs more money. So are you up for that challenge?

To tell you honestly, a website is easy to create. In fact, with just a few researching, you can understand its basics. I can tell you this because I myself have not been through any formal education nor training to learn to build my very first website.

So if you are really eager to learn on what to do with your new domain aside from making it a parked domain, I can guide you through that. I won’t give you some coding instructions as that might just discourage you. What I will teach you is basic knowledge enough to get you there. The rest is up to you to research and find out on your own.

Requirements to Build a Website

There are a couple of elements of building a website. But all of them narrow down to five fundamentals. These fundamentals are:

  • Funds
  • Domain name
  • Hosting Service
  • Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If one of those fundamentals is missing, you cannot move on and finalize your website. Although the SEO is the last part of the process, a website can exist without it. This is true especially if the site you are planning to build is for personal use only. But for other purposes specifically for business and trade, the SEO is the defining part of your website.

How to Build a Website

So now we will proceed to the part where you actually build your website. I have segregated the steps into as few as possible to avoid confusion on your part. I hope this will be as comprehensive as I had expected while I am writing this.

Purchase a Domain Name

As mentioned from the requirements to build a website, you need funds first. There are a few domain names that are free, but if you want your very own domain, you will have to pay for it. Here is a little tip. The more unique your domain name is, the cheaper it will cost. And the more common your domain name is, the more expensive it becomes.

If you want to find out for yourself if I am telling the truth, prepare five domain names that you plan to use. The first two domain names should be unique, and hardly anyone would come up with. And the other three remaining ones should be common names or brand names.

You can purchase a domain name from a registrar. There are a lot of domain registrars available online. So I will only give you at least five of the most popular and trusted ones.

Just click and visit any of the listed domain registrars above and try out your prepared domain names. Then get back here as we will continue to the next step.

Get a Hosting Service Plan

Most beginners reading this must be wondering what a hosting service does. I can relate to that when I was just learning this curve. To give you the layman’s term of this, it is the place where you save all your information and data that you upload on your future website.

If you know how computers and smartphones usually work, it needs an internal memory to save all your files and install your apps and games. The hosting service for websites works that way. It acts as a memory card or internal memory of your domain name.

When you upload a picture or an article, it will be saved on your hosting service. Your website design will also be saved on that hosting service. So without it, where do you think all those data and files are going? The answer is nowhere.

A hosting service plan costs a lot more than domain names. You need to pay for hosting service usually on a monthly basis. If you are on a tight budget, it would help that you choose the most affordable hosting site that you can find. That means you should not decide quickly on which hosting service you want to avail. Take your time and find as many options as you can.

Here are this year’s cheapest hosting service plans available that I have found on the internet. Check them out and see if one of them fits your budget. If you know other hosting services that offer way better plans, go for it.

When you finally choose a hosting plan, what you should do is connect your domain name to it. You may ask the hosting customer service if they can help you with it. Or you can search the internet on how to do this

As for my experience, my first hosting service was from CoffeeMags and their customer service did all the heavy lifting. After an hour, they got back to me and said that it is ready and that I should just wait for 24-48 hours before I set up my site—best customer service I have ever had.

Design Your Site

When your domain name and hosting are finally in-sync, install WordPress as your website builder. You can choose other website builders if you want. But I just want WordPress because it has a lot of support online, not to mention the free themes and tools available.

Some people say that WordPress is for a more advanced user. But I got to design and build my website by just choosing one of the free themes and some tinkering. Basically, I just used the old drag-and-drop method. You will find about it when you are finally using the WordPress website builder. I am not sure about the advanced mode that people are trying to tell me. My website was fine after a couple of hours.

If you are in doubt and have money to spare, you may choose to hire a web designer. They are costly, but for the most part, they are worth it especially when you are building a website for business.

Putting Content

I am assuming that before you decided to build a website, you have plans about what to put or post on it. Are you selling a product? Will you showcase your crafts and skills? Are you going for news and tech updates? Those are some of the things that you could post on your website.

Before hitting that publish button, make sure that your content is presented in a way that people get attracted. The content must be inviting and that it conveys relevant stuff. If you have a unique service, make sure to advertise it on your article properly.

There is a popular internet saying that talks about how content is king. If that still holds true today, then make sure that you write your article compelling and entertaining. It’s what people want but always do what you like and love. In the end, it is a win-win situation.

Reach Out

Your website is ready, and your content is all live and kicking, now what? Remember that nobody knows that your website exists except you. So in order for visitors to start coming and see what your site is all about, you must reach out.

You can spread the word about your website and your product or services by using Search Engine Optimization. Honestly, that is the part which I can literally say that requires some advanced knowledge. So I just chose one of its branches by using the social media.

Announce about your website and what you have in store for everyone who visits there. Use your Facebook account, Instagram, or mention it in YouTube comment sections. Any means is a good way as long as you are doing it right and legal.

There is another option though. You can hire an SEO specialist if you want. They can maximize your online presence by spreading your domain name across the internet. Just inform them about your focus niche and area if you are not planning to go worldwide yet.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article has given you enough clarification and the basic knowledge that you need. Just to give you a boost of confidence, I started my first website spending only $12. I got the site running with content in just three days. I designed it and created content as posts. The rest is history. You could be spending lesser or more depending on your choices and preference.

What I am trying to say is that anyone can build a website following the requirements I mentioned above. But it will take more than just basic knowledge if you want to make it big and keep at it. Anyway, if you are serious, you will learn more along the way. Keep in mind that experience is still the better teacher. So as much as possible, do everything on your own. That way you will hit two birds in one stone—spend less and learn more.

If you have questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as we can. And share us on your social media so we can help more people that want to have a basic idea of building a website.

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